Monday, December 12, 2011


My choice here - incidentally also the most expensive - is cingur salad ($ 25 thousand). Served with sliced ​​rice cake is quite soft, salad cingurnya appear quite simple. Only vegetable watercress, bean sprouts, and beans. The fruit was only cucumber, yam, and pineapple. However, pieces cingurnya present in fairly generous portions, plus pieces of fried tofu and tempeh. Petisnya chili champion.


At least, there are two agreements in assessing salad cingur East Java. First, cingurnya should not be too soft. No need cingur quality that can bite back, but should still chewy texture. Second, petisnya sauce should be a mixture of paste 'village' and paste 'gentry'. If petisnya too good, would not even produce a sauce that fit the kick.

On a scale of 6-10, salad cingur Sekar Taji me give you an 8. Not bad, could make Tombo miss (miss healers) for those who can not too often go home to Surabaya.

Unfortunately, for some people, salad cingur is still a 'bizarre food'. For some reason, cingur aka snouts cow is an issue that was repugnant to many people. Therefore, for those that do not include the 'People of East Java', is an acquired taste cingur salad.

Okay, if you can not eat salad cingur, there is still another option, namely rice rawon (USD 17 thousand). Pieces of meat is not too much, but how soft and not greasy. Rawonnya watery soup, with intense flavor. I guess in the process of cooking it leaves mlinjo wear (leaves so), because I detect a flavor similar to boiled rice from the Ghost. Package rawon rice is served with salted egg, bean sprouts short, sambal tration, and crackers.
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